Volkswagen Tiguan TSI

The press release promised the new Volkswagen Tiguan TSI was "trend and fun". We certainly blended in well with the "trendy" set at the Clevedon Farmers market on a stunning autumnal Sunday. The Tiguan's shiny dark blue exterior looking quite the part in a grassed carpark full of four-wheel drives laden with chorizo, ciabatta and condiments galore.

The "fun" part was secured when we got to grips with the cool car stereo and its ablity to control mummy's plugged in iPhone direct from the stereo console or indeed the drivers' steering wheel. A Sunday jaunt with three kids in tow turned into a sing-song of show tunes and pop hits (and dare I say it even the occassional outing by the headache inducing Alvin and the Chipmunks).

We've long been a family of station-wagons and hatchbacks, so the added height-perspective of a taller SUV is something of a novelty for us. I can certainly see the appeal. The Tiguan ensured a smooth, comfortable ride from one side of Auckland to the other.

It handled well and the Tiguan had a pretty sporty and nifty feel to it, given its actual size. And, it may be our current wagon is a bit noisy, but when the kids stopped talking (not often) the Tiguan seemed a pretty quiet ride. And stopping at the lights (again with no children noise) it was hard to hear the engine idling. Nice.

Even things like fitting car seats is just that little bit easier in a car with this height. The boot space was smaller than we're used to, but there was still plenty of room for the kids' gear, the odd bike, the chorizo, ciabatta and condiments. Certainly up front there's a spacious ride with plenty of leg room.

The Tiguan is a car with the safety features you'd expect in any new release vehicle pitched for family living. Six air-bags, Isofix car seat mounts, seatbelt monitoring and beltup reminders and rear ParkPilot to help ensure you reverse safely.

If we were to purchase a Tiguan we'd ask about upgrading to leather seats, to give it a little interior oomph, and of course ease of cleaning.  

The new Tiguan TSI is available at dealer rooms from $48,750 - not a bad entry price for a new SUV that "trendy" without being pretentious, "fun" without all the unnecessary bells and whistles you pay for but don't use. 

Published: May 2012 



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