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10 questions with Pippa Henderson our OHbaby! Editor

  1. Name: Pippa Henderson. 

  2. Home city:
    Auckland. I grew up in an idyllic spot in Howick, and our family moved to Christchurch when I was 16, but I returned to Auckland aged 21. My husband Colin and I lived in London in our twenties, and Wellington for three years after that, but for the last seven years we’ve been back on home turf – on the north shore and now Hillsborough – and we love it here.

  3. How many children do you have and how old are they?
    Three. Esther just turned ten, Ted is seven and Mack is four.

  4. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    A fashion designer. I loved making sketchy illustrations and dreaming up ways to visually express myself.

  5. What do you do to get "me-time"?
    I never (ever) thought I’d say this, but I actually get up early and go to the gym. (I made a new year’s resolution this year, and actually followed through!) It’s a great stress release and I enjoy having a bit more strength and energy in everyday life. I also love reading, and watching art house movies and romantic comedies. I cry easily - especially in happy moments - and I find a good cry so cathartic. To be honest it’s a bit tricky getting me-time these days though, so I make the most of travel time, singing loudly, and badly (I’m a terrible singer) while no-one is listening. 
  6. What is your philosophy on child rearing? 
    Hmm, not sweating the small stuff is important. I believe in picking your battles, and finding the humour in the situation whenever you can. It’s so important not to get stressed (as kids pick up on the vibe and it escalates), but it’s such an easy trap to fall into. But I’ve learnt you can change the whole atmosphere with a quirky thought or clever distraction, so I try to engage my imagination, and not just wear the ‘parenting hat’ all the time. I remember my mother telling me when I was a child that she felt like she got to relive her childhood through us, so I try to follow in her footsteps, and not miss opportunities to do that as well.

    I’m also a great believer in the power of words. It’s so easy to feel like we’re falling short – never having enough time, or money – but words are an incredible currency, and they’re free! All it takes is a little thought and a well-chosen phrase, and your kids can feel thoroughly loved. And words of encouragement stand the test of time. I think back to my own childhood, and what was said to me has had way more of an impact than what was (or wasn’t) bought for me.

  7. Did you have a baby name in mind that you had to give up for some reason?
    Yes! Ollie! Both our boys were going to be Oliver/Ollie, but we were pipped to the post both times by close friends that had boys just before us. In retrospect, we should have stuck to our guns anyway, as both times the friends ending up moving away. But, then again, Ted is definitely Ted, and Mack is absolutely a Mack, so maybe it was meant to be all along…

  8. What’s the most interesting or surprising thing about you and your family?
    Something we get teased about is the way we are always moving rooms and changing around our furniture. We’ve only lived in our present house for four years, and almost all of us have lived in every room! We just enjoy experimenting, and trying to make the most out of the different spaces and belongings that we have. Colin built a loft bed for Ted in our tiniest room, and it has worked a treat for a while, but now we’re getting itchy feet again, so it’s time for musical bedrooms again this summer! The bonus is that we have a clear out each time we do it, and it gives us the opportunity for a little bit of fresh interior design.

  9. Three things you’d like OHbaby! to represent:
    That all-important sense of community. Raising kids is hard work, but it’s so much more fun when you realise you’re not doing it alone.
    Two: A bit of perspective. When your children are young you can feel like you’re spending all your time sowing, and giving, and sometimes there’s not a lot of reaping going on. We want to encourage our readers that what they’re doing is so valuable, and so necessary, and incredibly worthwhile. We want to help our readers find the hidden joys in day-to-day moments, and remind them they do have what it takes, and that these years are precious (and oh-so short).
    Three: Wisdom and guidance when it’s needed the most. That’s why we commission the amazing contributors we do, and why we try to cover the basics as well as the tricky stuff in each issue. We want Kiwi parents to be informed and inspired to keep doing the very best they can.   

  10. What most excites you about your job?
    Sharing stories. I just love a good story, particularly a true one. They’re just inherently good for the human soul. So it’s such a privilege to provide a platform for people to share their wisdom and encouragement (as it’s as good to give as it is to receive). I really love knowing these stories are connecting with our readers, and depositing something into their lives that might give them some hope and some strategies at a time when things can get a bit blurry. I like to think we’re preserving knowledge from those who’ve gone before us, while also giving people tools to thrive in this day and age.






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