Baby Showers

The impending arrival of a baby is something worth celebrating. But a baby shower does not have to be just sausage rolls and girth measurements. OHbaby! love a good party, and have put together some great ideas to shower a Mum-to-be in style. Check out our guides to gorgeous baby showers. 

  • A blue Baby Shower
    A blue Baby Shower
  • 5 baby showers with a difference
    5 baby showers with a difference
  • Pretty Wonderful
    Pretty Wonderful
  • A Vintage Picnic
    A Vintage Picnic
  • Baby Shower Games and Ideas
    Baby Shower Games and Ideas
  • ‘New family’ shower
    ‘New family’ shower
  • Invitations
  • High Tea
    High Tea

Quick Q & A

What's the best time to hold a baby shower?
Baby showers are generally held after mum-to-be has reached the 20-week milestone.  Morning sickness is usually over by now and mum-to-be should be feeling better than her first trimester.  It's best not to leave a shower too close to mum-to-be's due date as you never know when their little bundle will arrive.

Who should be invited?
It's best to ask who the mum-to-be who she would like to have at her baby shower. Generally the list will include female family members from both sides and her closest friends.  TIP: try to limit numbers so the event isn't too exhausting for the guest of honour

What should the invites look like?
You can now buy several styles of 30-page pad invites for baby showers as they become more and more popular in New Zealand.  It really is dependent on the Mum and her own style, or the theme of the event as to what the invites should look like.

We have some invitation designs below for you to download and print:

General Baby Shower Invitation

Twins Baby Shower Invitation

High Tea Baby Shower Invitation

New Family Shower Invitation

Try to give guests two to four weeks notice of the baby shower - especially for those guests who may have to travel.

What should I serve baby shower guests?
A non-alcoholic punch or mocktail named after your guest of honour is a cute idea.  Typically, you do not need to put on a meal, but your guests may for example like a selection of biscuits, cakes, seasonal fruit pieces, and veggie sticks.

Should we organise a gift register?
Mums-to-be can feel quite awkward about their friends buying gifts, and while there should be no pressure on guests to bring presents, the general custom is that they will. It can be handy to ask the Mum-to-be for a list of things that they still need for baby, and then if any guests enquire, you (as the shower organiser), can pass on ideas.
As an alternative to presents, you could organise a roster to provide meals for the new family in the weeks after the birth, or other offers of practical help such as vouchers for housework or babysitting. It could even be suggested that guests bring a frozen dinner or two to the shower as a gift, and the Mum-to-be then gets to take home a month's worth of meals! Just remember to organise her a chilly bin or two.



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