Blue Baby Shower - Celebrate The Imminent Arrival Of Your Baby Boy

Shower me with love!
There's nothing nicer than celebrating the imminent arrival of a baby. 

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Dating from the late 19th century, the baby shower took its name from the "showering" of love and gifts at a women-only tea party. These high teas were held after the birth because it was not considered polite for Victorian women to appear pregnant in public. Gifts at that time would be silver (generally from the grannies-in-waiting) or handmade items.

Now, it's quite a different story, and the mum-to-be is usually proud to show off her bump. The rest is pretty much the same though - women gathering together to help a close pal celebrate a momentous event - the birth of a baby.

Tips for success
Traditionally, the baby shower is organised by the best friend or sister. It's best to check with the guest of honour's mum to make sure everyone who should be invited gets on the list.

Baby showers may once have been women-only events but these days there's a good chance that Hubby and one or two other close male friends will want to join the party, if only as late-comers.

Baby showers are usually held in the last trimester - just when the mum-to-be is feeling at her most bloated, tired and disgruntled. If you want to be best gal pal of the day make yourself her "liaison". Place her in a comfy chair, bring her food and lots of water and maybe a little footstool. Massage her shoulders and generally meet her every need. 

Party theme
If the sex of the unborn child has been announced an easy theme is pink or blue. We displayed our theme through our choice of food. For a more elaborate theme you could choose nursery rhymes and deck the walls with pictures of Little Bo Peep and Humpty Dumpty. Or stage a Teddy Bears' Picnic on the lawn with guests bringing their favourite soft toys.

The best-known baby shower game is guessing the size of the baby bump - we used crêpe paper but you could use knitting wool or string.

Another game is Guess the Number of Nappies in the Jar. It's just like guessing the lollies in the jar, except in this case the guest of honour gets to keep the nappies.

Here's another game especially for the mummy-to-be: place a tray covered with baby items, such as a dummy, rattle, muslin face cloth and teething ring in front of the blindfolded pregnant mum and see how many she can guess using her hands 

Props and partyware
Baby shower gifts from Smith & Caughey, Amelia's, Merino Kids, Belly Beyond, Nature Baby, Babu and Comfort
Bassinet, clothing, blankets from Dimples,
Clothing from Ruby Boutique, Auckland
Flowers from Roses Florist,
Kaloo toys from Mainly Toys,
Party supplies, glassware from
Pregnancy wear from Ripe Maternity,
Royal Doulton champagne flutes from
Table cloth, decorations from Spotlight,
Blanket in gift basket from Lou & Olly,


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