Top Tips For Fabulous Parties

Be the hostess with the mostess

Planning a big celebration for your little one's birthday this year? Glenda Daken of party supply store Poppyseed has been helping parents pull off parties fit for little princes and princesses for five years now. Here are the top five tips she's learnt along the way: 

  • Choose your theme or colour scheme early to ensure you can source what you want.
  • Make sure you have your child's approval. There's no point laying on a jungle party, if all they really dream about is space travel.
  • When you see things you like, buy them and store them in a designated space in the cupboard. Keep everything from previous parties - you never know when you'll be able to use them again.
  • Set the table and hang the decorations the night before, fill the goodie bags the day before and prepare as much food as you can before the guests arrive, so when it's party time you can enjoy it too without being stuck in the kitchen!
  • As your child and their guests get a little older, you can write on the invite "feel free to drop off" which will give parents the option of leaving their child or staying if they choose.

Check out for some great inspiration on party theme ideas, from dinosaurs to discos, pirates to ponies.


Published 13 July, 2012


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