5 things Jacinda Ardern will need to consider before baby arrives

Newly pregnant Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s To Do list must rival the phone book in length. Just six days before becoming the country’s youngest Prime Minister, the 37-year old discovered that she and partner Clarke Gayford were going to have a baby, news they announced today. Here at OHbaby! we’re both excited and in awe! Ardern now has to run the country and plan for her new addition - that’s a first for any New Zealand Prime Minister. It’s going to be a busy time and we’re guessing there will be some serious scheduling going on in the Ardern-Gayford household as Ardern navigates the next six months of her pregnancy. IMAGE/

Here are five things she’ll need to consider before baby arrives:

Her health

It’s important to take supplements during pregnancy since your body can’t produce enough of the necessary vitamins and minerals it takes to grow a healthy baby, on its own. It’s also important to be extremely careful about food safety so Ardern may need to start packing some of her own lunches. She’ll also need to take care she gets enough exercise which may be a challenge with such a busy job. You also get seriously tired and need a lot of naps when you’re pregnant, so we hope the Prime Minister’s office has a comfy couch so she can put her feet up!

Her emotional wellbeing

You need a lot of love and support during pregnancy, as hormone levels can play havoc with your emotions. Running the country is a demanding job and Ardern will be away from home a lot, on-call and necessarily preoccupied with her work. She’ll need to schedule in some all-important ‘me-time’ to ensure she has a healthy work-life balance, and takes time to focus on herself and her baby, but we know she’s up to the challenge.

Whether to upsize or not

Nesting is an important part of getting ready for a baby. Ardern and Gayford will need to think about whether they should upsize their current house, or perhaps renovate to create a more child-friendly home. Then there’s the mountain of gear that babies need. Our advice is to shop around, and while they may not need to borrow, they may want to, for the sake of simplicity.


Ardern has said that she’ll take six weeks off after the birth and that partner Clarke Gayford will be looking after the baby. Being a Stay-At-Home-Dad can bring its own pressures – partners at home can often feel resentful of the working partner who gets to socialise with adults and get out of the house. No doubt though, Gayford has a great support network. It’s likely the couple will employ a nanny or similar live-in childcare. Parliament is not known for being very baby-friendly!

Baby names

The all-important name for the First Baby – the pressure! Because they’re not married, Ardern and Gayford will have to decide whose last name the baby will take, or whether to double-barrel their surnames. Current baby name trends in New Zealand lean toward the more traditional names Oliver and Charlotte, Olivia and William. New Zealand’s First Couple are Generation Xers so maybe they’ll break the mould…watch this space!

Congratulations Jacinda and Clarke, OHbaby! wish you all the very best!

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