Birth photography - Jennifer's words

What is it like when you see photos of your baby's birth?
"I was completely blown away. It was a very emotional time for me and my husband, and to be able to re-live those precious moments (that are so easily forgotten due to the blur of the day) was amazing. What I found truly spectacular and special was seeing all the things that I missed - the look on my husband’s face when he first saw our son, or the look on my face when he was placed in my arms for the first time. I had many of my immediate family present and seeing their reactions was amazing too because at the time I wasn’t focussed on them, I was only focussed on my baby. Then there were all the parts that I missed on the day due to being bedridden afterwards - the weighing of our son, all of his checks being done and our son being dressed for the first time. I will treasure all the memories I have (both in my mind and photographic) forever, and I would be truly heartbroken if I ever lost these special memories.

Having shared one of the most intimate moments of my life with Tamara, I consider myself lucky to have found a good friend and I wouldn’t choose anyone else to take these pictures. I am having my second child soon and right from the start I knew that I wanted Tamara there again. Knowing what photos Tamara took the first time and how much I had missed due to being wrapped up in the moment, there is so much I want to see from this next baby's birth. I look forward to the days when my children ask about their births and I won’t just have to try and remember what happened - I can show them. I tell my friends that birth photography is something that they absolutely must consider!"

Jennifer, who had a lovely water birth at Wellington Hospital where she and husband Jamie welcomed their beautiful son.
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