Maternity Clothing Must-Haves

Thankfully maternity clothes have come along way in recent years. They're not the frumpy outfits they once were. Now, you can be pregnant and still retain your sense of style and sophistication.


Having said that, there's no reason to go out and blow a fortune on new clothes, that you'll only be wearing for a short time.

Here are OHbaby!'s top picks for your maternity wardrobe to see you through as your bump gets ever bigger.

A really comfortable pair of maternity jeans is worth shelling out a few bucks on. And there's plenty of choice with some of the mainstream stores like The WarehouseEzibuy and Jeanswest now offering their own maternity line.

Black Stretch Pants
Get versatile but good quality fabric that will still retain its colour and shape even after multiple washes, because you will wear these a lot, including those first few months after baby.

Stretchy Tops
Depending on the time of year you'll want a couple of good stretchy cotton tops to see you through. Tank tops for summer, long-sleeved t-shirts for winter. Buy one size bigger than your normal size and you should be fine.

Maternity Bra
By about your seventh month of pregnancy your breasts will be in need of a little more room and a little more support. So invest in some decent maternity bras that you'll be able to use while breast-feeding. It's worth a visit to a specialist retailer who can help fit you correctly.

Peasant Style Top
Dress it up or down. Go for a print or stick with classic and crisp white. Ideally 100% cotton so the fabric breathes and keeps you feeling cool.  Gorgeous floaty fabrics will look light and feminine.

Empire Line Dress
Not of the Jane Austen persuasion, we're talking cute, sexy and comfortable. But the empire line is the ideal cut for a pregnant woman. It fits nice and tight under the bust, allowing the fabric to fall nicely over your bump.

Skirt with Elastic Waist Band
This doesn't have to be a specific maternity skirt. You'll likely have one in your wardrobe already. The stretchy waist band will keep you comfy. Team up with a tunic or t-shirt and a pair of sandals or sneakers and you're good to go!


Flat shoes 
By about four months your belly will be starting to show, you're feet will be swelling and you'll be getting tired on your feet. So put the high-heels in hibernation for a few months and come down a notch.





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