The OHbaby! top 10 pregnancy essentials

With over 20 pregnancies between us, the OHbaby! team has been there, done that, and got the stretch-marks to prove it!  As your belly and other bits grow, there are some things you just can't do without.

Here's our top ten:

Ginger Some in our team swear by this for keeping nausea at bay in the early months. If you can't stomach munching on crystallised ginger, then try ginger ale or good old tea-dunking Gingernuts.

Comfy slip-on, wear-anywhere shoes to take you from the dairy to a friend's house to the supermarket. Because bending to tie laces gets harder and harder!

Bubble bath Light some scented candles and have a nice, long soak in a bubble-filled tub. Before long your little sanctuary will be overtaken by squirty plastic toys , so enjoy it while you can!

Crackers Simple, plain, unsalted crackers to nibble on are great for taking the edge off a hungry or nauseous tummy.

Comfy, stretchy never-want-to-take-them-off elastic waisted pants. Enough said.

Wheat bag Heat it up in winter or cool it down in summer - either way it'll help with lower back pain.

Heartburn remedies Mylanta or Gaviscon are both great for reducing that uncomfortable burning feeling that is so common late in your pregnancy. 

A pregnancy book You'll have a voracious appetite for knowledge of all things relating to your pregnancy and your baby. Of course the latest OHbaby! Magazine is a bedside table essential, but you'll still have room for another good read. 

A memo or note-taking app on your phone. Baby brain can kick in well before baby arrives and your memory will become like a sieve.

And number 10...the yet-to-be-invented iPhone app that tells you where the closest public toilets are to you wherever you are and warns you when you're getting further than a 15-minute walk from one!





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