Time to yourself

Time to Yourself
Here are some great ways to spend your relaxation time...

1) Get some private time everyday, find places in the house or at the park that makes you feel good, to relax with your own thoughts.

2) Go for walks, they are not only good for your fitness and health, but they can allow you time to think about things, you could even take your iPod and listen to your favourite song.

3) Take care to nurture friendships and try to make new friends, remember that friends and loved ones can bring joy to your life.

4) Remember being a teenager, put that old favourite song on and dance and sing.

5) Rest in bed with your favourite novel or a magazine.

6) Give your partner a massage with aromatherapy oils or convince someone to give you one.

7) Write in your diary or write a poem and give it to someone.

8) Buy a new plant or a fresh bunch of flowers, especially the ones that smell good.

9) Put away your work and don't answer the phone, its good to have a break.

10) Watch a tacky movie on television or go to your local cinema with a friend.

11) Laugh and smile.

12) Call your best friend or mum and talk.

13) Have a hot shower or bath with nice smelling soap.

14) Eat some ice cream.

15) Get a baby sitter and hang out with your friends.

16) Go to a beauty therapist and treat yourself to your favourite treatment.

17) Go to the beach and enjoy nature.

18) Go to a bookstore and read some books.


Getting time to yourself to relax is important for you and your baby. You could ask your partner to step in and perhaps increase his share of household work and childcare.

You could ask family and friends to help, but just take care you aren't overwhelmed.

In some way, try and limit the number of visitors you have. Being hostess is the last thing you need after giving birth. Polite notes can be left on the front door and a message on the answering machine can let people know you are hunkering down to rest and relax with your baby and partner in the few days after the birth.

Make a time in your daily routine that is just for you and your partner. It's an important part of keeping a relationship alive and well.

If you can continue the small rituals you did before the baby, then do so. This precious time together will help you maintain a sense or normality in your everyday lives.

Doing things as individuals, rather than just as parents, is very important too. You will need to go out together alone once in a while. It may seem like too much of a hassle sometimes, but persevere.





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