Nine tips to make pregnancy easier

There's a heap of lifestyle changes to face when you find out you're pregnant: Taking vitamin supplements and giving up wine and sushi being just a couple of them.

Here are nine of our tried and true remedies to deal with all those pregnancy symptoms that can get you down over nine months:

Giving up your daily perk: If it's coffee you need first thing in the morning be encouraged by the wide range of decaf versions that taste nearly as good as the real thing. Start cutting down your caffeine intake by using half decaf in your espresso-maker. And then gradually increase the ratio of decaf. You could do the same with tea as there is now decaf tea available.

Learn to say no: Don't feel at all guilty about saying "no" to invites and obligations - you'll be tired so put yourself and your baby first. Also, the word "no" is good for requests to pat your baby bump, learn the sex of your child or any other intrusive queries.

Beware of baby brain and start writing everything down: Shopping lists, appointments, remembering birthdays, questions to ask your midwife  - everything needs to go down on paper - or into your phone - to save you a world of embarrassment.

Ginger for nausea: Forget Gingernut biscuits or crystallised ginger treats - go straight for a pot of strong ginger tea made by adding boiling water to a tablespoon of chopped fresh ginger. Sip slowly throughout the day.

 Snaps to track your preggy belly: Set aside time each week, say Sunday at 11am, to take a photo of the bump. Put a post-it note on your bare tummy announcing the week (week 13, week 14 etc) or draw it on your bare belly with lipstick. You'll enjoy looking back on this later.

Sweet treats for that burning sensation: Heart burn can be a nuisance from the second trimester on. Easing the pain differs for everyone - ice cream works well for many while cold sweet citrus ice blocks offer relief for others. 

What's that smell? Greater sensitivity to odours is common among pregnant women. If this is you get hold of a tube of lavender scented ointment and put a bit just under your nose. 

Swollen ankles: Drink lots of water! It sounds like the wrong thing to do for water retention but it works. Also, put your feet up whenever possible. Also, get it checked out with your midwife or GP to make sure it's nothing to worry about.

Itchy skin: Lashings of cocoa butter and vitamin E oil spread all over the body is the secret to preventing and controlling the itch. If you get really desperate stay cool with ice packs and an electric fan.








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