Shopping for Baby - What to buy

How can one tiny person need so many things? Use the OHbaby! shopping lists to navigate your way through preparation for your newborn.

Sleep essentials

  • A cot, bassinet or Moses basket
  • 4 x swaddle cloths or wraps
  • 3 x fitted bassinet/cot sheetsIssue 26Shopping3
  • 3 x bassinet/cot top sheets
  • 2 x blankets
  • 2 x mattress protectors

Nice to have:

  • A sleeping bag is fabulous for keeping warm and cosy all night. For winter we especially love the Woolbabe sleeping bag with it’s unique quilted wool filling for additional warmth and temperature regulation RRP$129, from



    • Baby bath
    • 10 x washcloths
    • 2 x hooded towels

Issue 26Shopping4

The nice-to-haves:

  •  Bath support
    Mother’s Choice Bath Easy, $17.99 from The Baby Factory


Clothing essentials
The must-haves:
5 x full-length stretch-n-grow suits
3 x nightgowns
3 x woolen bodysuits
3 x cotton bodysuits
4 x socks
3 x singlets
2 x cardigans
4 x leggings
10 x bibs
2 x woolen hats
2 x cotton hats

The nice-to-haves:
3 x booties 
2 x mittens
1 x going home from hospital outfit
Tops and leggings to mix and match
1 x shawl/receiving blanket



Changing essentials
The must-haves:

  • Nappies and lots of them. Budget on needing 8-10 per day. If you are planning to use cloth nappies, buying 12 to 18 is recommended.
  • Changing mat
  • Wipes. Newborns’ skin is so delicate it’s fine to just use muslin cloths soaked in warm water at nappy changes. However, most parents never leave home without a pack of super-handy baby wipes.
  • Barrier cream
  • Nappy bucket with lid for cloth nappies, a bin for disposables is also handy.

The nice-to-haves:

  • Mobile to hang above the change table


On the move

  • Capsule. You will need a capsule right from day one – you can’t come home from hospital without it! We love Mountain Buggy’s new Protect capsule and phil&teds’ new alpha – they’re good looking, easy to use, flexible and safe. Super light (only 3 kg) and easy to carry, they smoothly transfer from the car to your chosen travel system, leaving baby sleeping. They offer both an ISOfix base and a universal base which are easy to install, but can also be used with just a seat belt. And of course the safety features – high sides and thick EPS foam for protecting baby’s precious head, neck and upper body, a non-slip five point harness and a removable newborn insert all included.
  • Nappy bag
  • Pushchair. Ten tips on choosing a pushchair

Nice to have:

  • Issue 26Shopping2Baby carrier. Tula Baby Carrier (pictured) in Blue Zig Zag RRP$249.00, from



Great gift ideas

  • Online gift registries are especially handy for baby showers where parents can end up with a vast collection of items they don’t need or wouldn’t necessarily have chosen. Clever site The Lovely ( allows you to create a personalised gift registry using a simple Pinterest-like platform, adding gift ideas from anywhere. You can then share your page with friends and family who can conveniently purchase one of your suggestions at a retailer of their choice.
  • Homemade meals for the freezer make universally appreciated gifts for new parents, but there are lots of tasty ready-to-eat options to buy too. Something from the I Love Pies range, perhaps or some delicious winter soup from Naked Cuisine.
  • A gift box is a pretty way to present someone with some basic essentials for baby. We like The Baby Lady Bedtime Gift Box $149 (pictured), from




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