Week 19


Most couples choose to have an ultrasound scan between 18-20 weeks to check on their baby's growth and development.  This ultrasound will include detailed examinations of your baby's internal organs to ensure they are all functioning properly, and identify any problems early. If you want to, you may also be able to find out the gender of your baby at this scan.  Your LMC will give you a referral form for the ultrasound.

Many women wonder around this time whether having sex will hurt their developing baby, and the answer is no. Sex is considered safe at all stages of pregnancy, unless your LMC advises you otherwise. But just because it is safe, doesn't  necessarily mean you're going to want to have it. Many expectant women find that their desire for sex fluctuates during the various stages of pregnancy, depending on their fatigue, growing size, anxiety over the birth, and a host of other body changes. Keep the lines of communication with your partner open as these issues come up. Even though you may both be preoccupied with the baby, it's important to have some "together time," too.



Your baby is now about 15cmsand weighs around 200-230grams and is now covered with a waxy substance called vernix caseosa, which helps prevent delicate skin from becoming chapped or scratched. Premature babies may still be covered in this cheesy coating at delivery.
Your baby's brain is developing millions of motor neurons, which are nerves that connect the muscles to the brain. As a result, your baby is now able to make conscious muscle movements such as sucking his or her thumb.

Milk teeth have formed under his gums and he is starting to have similar awake and sleeping patterns to a newborn. If you go for an ultrasound the technician may be able to determine the gender.

Your baby will be able to hear the noises within your body such as your heart beating and your blood flowing.  After birth, you may find your baby settles better when held close to your chest, this is because the sound of your heartbeat is comforting and familiar to him or her.
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