Children's Day

The first Sunday in March is Children's Day. This year the theme is "treasure our children". There are heaps of activities and events planned all around the country to mark Children's Day on March 4 2012. Click here to find out what's happening in your town.

But you don't have to make a special trip to treasure your tamariki. Here are some ideas of things you can do on any day of the year with your preschooler.

Three things I love about you

Parents, tell your child three things that you love about him/her. Write them on a sheet of paper or a special piece of card and give it to your child to keep.


Bake a cake

Bake a special Children's Day cake together. Put some fun decorations on top.

Colour walk

Draw pictures together with lots of colours. Take turns talking about your pictures. Then ask your child to name the colours that he or she used. Afterwards take a 'Colour Walk' with your child. Ask him or her to point to all things that are (choose a colour).

Give old toys and clothes to charity

With your child choose some old toys and clothes to give away to charity so that other children can enjoy them.



Crown your child King or Queen of Children's Day

Help your child to make a crown. Officially crown them King or Queen of Children's Day. Tell them they get to make some decisions about what to do for the day.

Afternoon tea with the neighbours

Have an afternoon tea - get together with the neighbours and their children and have tea on the lawn or in your local park. Children could help Mum or Dad make shaped biscuits.

Make a plan together

Talk with your child about what they'd like to do on Children's Day. Look on the Children's Day website to see whether there are any events in your area that you could go along to.


Drawing and storytelling

Allow your child to draw and colour anything he or she wants. When finished, ask your child to tell you about his or her picture. Write your child's story and then read it back to him or her.

Water play

Get a variety of objects and experiment with what floats and sinks. Maybe you could include objects that are found at sea such as shells, stones and seaweed.

Children's Day colours day

Pick one of the Children's Day colours and have a colour day! The Children's Day colours are grass green, deep purple, orange and yellow. Have fun with the colour by wearing it, eating food of that colour, and naming as many things around you that are the same colour.

Make shaped potato prints

Make a potato print. Cut out a variety of shapes from a potato, dip it in paint and press firmly onto paper to see what masterpieces you can create.


Published: 22 February 2012


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