Music and your baby's development

How important is music to my baby's development? Dr. Katie Heathershaw, Fisher-Price™ PLAY IQ Expert & Pediatrician investigates.

There is something very special about music and the human brain. Not only does music seem to create unique responses and emotions, but it is also proven to have some very real biological effects. Studies have shown that when parents of preterm babies sing lullabies to them, their vital signs, feeding and sleeping improved. Other studies show that when babies as young as six months participate in an active music experience, their social and communication development benefits.

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Now, I'm not suggesting you sign your little one up for Suzuki piano lessons just yet, but there are some great ways to introduce a little music and harmony into you and your baby’s day. Singing a lullaby to your bub is a lovely way to soothe them off to sleep or just to share some play time – and the best thing is they will love your singing no matter what! Another great opportunity is during floor time. The Fisher-Price Rainforest Deluxe Gym, which includes a little piano, is one fun way to encourage your baby to make their own music.

The Fisher-Price Play IQ Quiz™ can help you to find out where your baby is at in their development journey, so you can match your music making accordingly! For example, for older babies around 10-12 months, who have reached the 'Complete Copy' Play IQ milestone, interactive songs with actions like ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ will be lots of fun. Don't forget babies love repetition so expect to be singing their favourite over and over!

Another great idea is striking up the band with musical instruments - they can be as simple as a couple of spoons, but triangles, tone blocks, kazoos and ukuleles are great fun as well. And of course when you're ready to leave it to the experts nothing beats the classics so try playing some Mozart before bedtime! 

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