Summer safety

Here are our top 10 must-haves to keep you and your little one safe and sound when you're out and about. 

1.   You'll be the envy of beach-goers as you shelter under a Sombrilla offering 95% protection from UV rays and it's big enough for a family of four, RRP AU$150 from

2.   Slip the mosquito band over your child's wrist or ankle and the citronella fragrance will protect him from those summer time nasties for up to 48 hours. Price: $9.95 for a two pack from

3.   When you need to dull the pain of a bump or bruise, reach for the retro-style Cool Caz ice bags. They're also great for soothing insect bites and stings and cooling off on a hot summer's day, RRP$29 from

4.    Young eyes are far more sensitive to the sun's damaging rays than ours so get littlies into the habit of wearing sunglasses. The JBanz have 100% UV protection, shatter-resistant frames and flexible rubber arms to withstand rough treatment by the kids. Price: $33.99 from  

5.   No need to take a portacot when you need to travel light, simply use the Safe  T Sleep Travel Sleepwrap to turn a bed of any size into a safe bed for baby. It's also great for aircraft cradles and caravans. Price: $149 from

6.   Sunscreen is a summer essential and an OHbaby! favourite is the Babu Sunscreen made with organic ingredients such as coconut oil, noni and red raspberry seed oils. The smell is simply divine, and it has SPF30+. Price: $28 from

7.   There'll be no more guessing over when it's time to slap on some more sunscreen, with these ingenious UV indicator straps which change colour to match the intensity of the sun's rays. Price: $5.50 from

8.   The TotSpot Portable Night Light is perfect for when you're camping or on holiday. Clip it to your baby's portacot or hang it from the lanyard, Price: AU$24.95 from

9.   An ingenious invention by two Australian mumpreneurs, these adhesive tints are applied to the inside of your car window offering 50% heat reduction and UPF 15+ sun protection. They're transparent to the driver so no blind spots while driving. Price: RRP AU$39.95 from

10.   St John runs Child First Aid courses for parents that teach CPR and choking management, as well as how to deal with things like burns, poisoning and broken bones. Price: $65 for a four-hour course. Ph: 0800 FIRST AID (0800 347 782).  

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Published December, 2011  


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