First Day Of School Memories

The morning your five year old sets off with their school bag on, hair neatly brushed and new shoes as yet unscuffed is a definite photo opportunity.

Here are some neat ways you can mark the moment: 

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1. Take a picture of your child on their first day of school, frame it, then on their last day of school for the year take another picture of them holding the first day picture. You'll see how much they've grown in just one year. (cute picture thanks to via pinterest)


2. Create a special photo album that will feature first day of school pictures for every year from 5-18.  Before you know it your little new entrant will be a moody, grunting teenager! 


3. Get your child to write their own name on a piece of paper, then you can write down their answers to questions like what they want to be when they grow up, what do they think school will be like, etc?


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4. Have your child make a sign with their name, date, and "first day of school".  Or perhaps with their name, then what they want to be when they grow up.  Or if their writing isn't up to much (yet) you can always print out a "First Day Of School" sign and get them to hold that up. Alternatively, use a blackboard like Lauren Lasher did, as seen on her blog Thanks Lauren for sharing your cute photo.






5. Make a time capsule containing special drawings, stories and letters by your child, their attempt at numbers etc, and seal it away for posterity. See more on this great idea at www.thehomespunheart.blogspot via pinterest. You can even download the free printable.





6. Prepare a special First Day Of School breakfast party. Check out this cute little table setting at where you can download the free printables.



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