Fertility and pregnancy planning

The decision to have a baby is a momentous one, and for many women, it's not all about simply "trying". Charting ovulation, knowing your fertile times and the best time to have sex, eating the optimum diet to create a healthy environment for your baby to be conceived and grow in, and how to deal with infertility are important issues encountered by couples who are trying to conceive (TTC). Our Fertility and Pregnancy Planning book reviews aim to give you extra resources for learning about these subjects. Click on the cover images or book titles to read their reviews. 


Endometriosis: A New Zealand Guide, by Andrea Molloy(Random House, $27.99)


The Essential Fertility Log: An Organiser and Record-Keeper to Help You Get Pregnant, by Suzanne Schlosberg (De Capo Press, $35.99)





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