Best apps for breastfeeding

Need help breastfeeding? Hey, there's an app for that! Here are some of our favourites: 

Breastfeeding Central $4.99 from the App store

If you've ever been had a burning breastfeeding question that you need the answer to right now then breastfeeding central is the app for you. It's written by Beverley Rae, a former president of the International Lactation Consultant Association so she knows her stuff.

The app will guide you through breastfeeding from preparation, the first feed to returning to work. It has all the answers you need without an exhausting search through Google, just what you need for those late night feeds.

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Baby Tracker $4.99 from the App Store 

With just a few clicks your nursing session is recorded, from length of time and the side you nursed on (or both), always noting which side you nursed on last!  You can also record bottle feeds by type (Formula/Milk), volume and amount. You last feeding time is always visible so you know when you next feed should be. 

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