What do I do when my child says "no" to dinner?

OHbaby! sleep expert Dorothy Waide, who is also a baby and toddler consultant, comes up with solutions for those troublesome behavioural problems that are so common among preschoolers. 

Question: You've just served dinner so you say to your child, "Would you like to get up to the table with us and have dinner?"
Your toddler says, "No!" So what's the best strategy for getting him up to the table?

Dorothy says: Well, since you asked your child if he'd like to come to the table, you really have to respect his choice - he said no.
Simply say, "Oh well, we are going to eat our dinner, I just thought you might like to join us."
After dinner start clearing the plates away, if he starts to complain I tend to say, "Okay, up to the table and let's eat it.  If he still doesn't want to then make it clear there is nothing else to eat now. Generally by this stage your child  will start wanting his dinner but make sure he gets up to the table first.

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