How to take a selfie with your kids

Selfies are tricky  at the best of time but add wiggly, impatient kids they are almost impossible. Here are our tips for capturing everyone’s best angle.

Shoot from above.  Hold the camera above you, it’s a simple tip but without it you’ll be all chin. There's no need to pout but don’t forget to look at the camera. 

Get close the camera. The lens is small and there is more than one of you so you’ll need to be cheek to cheek to avoid anyone’s face being cut off. 

What’s behind you? Do you want your dirty laundry making it’s way around cyberspace? If not check what’s behind you or if you get close to the camera you'll fill the space and there’s less chance of a dodgy background or an unwelcome photo bomber. 

Aim for natural light. No need to set up the spot lights but make sure there is plenty of good light. Natural lighting is best so go outdoors or choose a room with lots of windows.

Go crazy! The best photos have that element of spontinenity, plant a kiss or  tickle a tummy and make the kids laugh, these moments are always the most fun to look back on. 


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