Things I'd like my kids to see their mum doing

Everything changes when you take on the title of 'mum'. Suddenly, you’re responsible for the wellbeing of a new little person. But those responsibilities extend further than just day-to-day care and welfare. Your approach to life and the examples you set while living it are now all-important, too. Christine Nikiel shares six things that all children would benefit from seeing their mum doing.

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Having fun!

Yes, being a mum is a huge responsibility, but don’t lose your sense of fun! Kids love to see their parents cutting loose, laughing and acting silly with them. Let the dishes or the vacuuming wait for ten minutes while you play dress ups or hide and seek, chase your little ones or give them a piggy back, or make their stuffed toys talk in silly voices. When they’re older you’ll look back with fond memories on how they used to actually want you to hang out with them!



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