Twins or More

Every year in New Zealand around 1000 families will welcome twins, triplets or occasionally even higher order multiples. That number is increasing every year, partly due to the increase in fertility treatments such as clomiphene and IVF which have a higher chance of producing multiples, and partly due to women leaving it longer to start their families - women over 35 are more likely to conceive twins or triplets.

Finding out you are pregnant with twins or more can be a huge shock! All of a sudden the baby you have been planning for has become two, or three, or even more!  This section on Twins and More to give you an insight into what life with twins and higher order multiples is like!

  • Double trouble
    Double trouble
  • Twin Conception
    Twin Conception
  • Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS)
    Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS)
  • Chorionicity
  • Zygosity
  • Two for the price of one
    Two for the price of one
  • Your Weekly Guide
    Your Weekly Guide



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