Pregnancy and birth

Pregnancy is a strange and magical time. While you may have a mental picture of a serene, smiling pregnant woman gently caressing her blooming belly as she stands next to a designer cot in a perfectly coordinated nursery, the reality is, pregnancy isn't always that much fun. Pregnancy is different for everyone, and the same is true for childbirth. You don't really know what it will be like until you actually go through it. If you're looking for more than what you'll learn in antenatal class, here are some good books to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about pregnancy and childbirth.  Click on the cover images or book titles to read their reviews. 


Back Chat: The Ultimate Guide to Healing and Preventing Back Pain, by Garry Trainer and Tania Alexander (Aurum, $34.99)

Bed Rest

Bed Rest, by Sarah Bilston (Sphere, $27.99)





Birth: A History, by Tina Cassidy (Random House, $37.99)











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