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Painkillers may reduce the risk of post-natal depression
While all expectant mothers wish for a pain free birth, for most  it is an incredibly painful experience. New research from...

The Big Latch On 2014
Get involved with New Zealand’s biggest public gathering of breastfeeding mothers this weekend. On the 2nd and 3rd of August...

What piece of advice would you tell your pregnant best friend?
From the practical to the profound you gave us some great pregnancy advice. The diversity of the advice showed us your...

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I'm so pregnant! Funniest parody video we've seen
A mother's take on Iggy Azalea's 'I'm so fancy', we loved this parody 'i'm so pregnant'

New research shows birth weight not linked to ethnicity
The belief that a babies birth weight is linked to its ethnicity has been challenged by new research. An Oxford University...

Life with a newborn
Welcome To The World Watch new mum Amy care for her precious 5-week-old Isabella and hear tips from OHbaby!'s resident baby...

Save A Life With New CPR App
If you were with someone when they stopped breathing and their heart stopped, would you know what to do? Could you save their...
Birth photography - Why would you?
Birth photography - Why would you?
You’d pay a professional to photograph your wedding so, Sarah Tennant asks, why not the other most...

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Subtlety is key in effective home design
In some cases, the big, bold design decisions can be correct. It works for accent pieces that you...
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The mighty 2 week wait
Blue having thick cm after ovulation is perfectly normal Oxy2014-07-31 07:03:18
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An ode to my postpartum body
An ode to my postpartum body
Blogger and first-time mum N’tima Preusser celebrates the beautiful marks of motherhood.   Before I became...
The really yucky bits!
The really yucky bits!
"Lochia for 4-6 weeks - what the heck is that about?! One of those things that aren't mentioned pre-pregnancy!"...


Gadget of the Week
Gadget of the Week
We love tech gadgets at OHbaby! especially when they make our life easier.  Here's our pick of the...
5 top educational apps your preschooler will love
5 top educational apps your preschooler will love
We know kids need a good balance of screen time and play time (maybe with more emphasis on the play...
Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions
1. Information about how to enter and the prizes forms part of these Terms and Conditions. Submission of a photo of...
Tress stress - Why hair changes during and post pregnancy
Tress stress - Why hair changes during and post pregnancy
Unexpected hair changes during pregnancy and after the baby's birth is a fact of motherhood. But that doesn't stop...




Did you suffer from nausea and vomiting during pregnancy?

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Q:A drug-free labour A:Congratulations on your upcoming birth. Herbal Medicine offers many... Read more > Q:Previously good sleeper A:You need to teach your toddler that her cot is her safe haven like it... Read more > Ask a question Browse answers
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Colgate celebrates Oral Health Month

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