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Gadget-guy Oliver Driver tries out babywearing
Kids, gosh they wriggle around don’t they? It’s like trying to hold a salmon sometimes. And they’re heavy! Who would have...

The Seven Sleep Stealers
There are seven main "sleep stealers," or reasons your child isn't sleeping well; she may be affected by one of them, by a...

Blinking Owls
Or, When you've been up all night with baby and you catch yourself in the mirror. or, When a childless person asks you what...

Pregnancy & Baby

What you can expect after a c-section
The average hospital stay after a C-section is three days. During this time the team of midwives and doctors will visit...

What to expect during a c-section
The maternity team attending a C-section birth consists of a midwife, theatre nurses, anaesthetist, anaesthesia technician,...

Sleep help: Dorothy Waide answers your questions
Watch OHbaby! sleep expert Dorothy Waide share her tips and answer your questions on helping babies sleep better.

White noise - the sound of sleep
Having white noise in the background can help babies to get to sleep, but it can be a real case of trial and error as to what...
Vaginal Birth After Caesarean - VBAC explained
Vaginal Birth After Caesarean - VBAC explained
If you have had a caesarean, VBAC may be a term that’s weighing on your mind. Dr Martin Sowter...

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The mighty 2 week wait
Good luck Lease and Oxy!Nice that AF was nice and short AF, think it's my last day today. Just had...
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Inside our dreams
Inside our dreams
Dreams offer great insights into our emotional lives and those of our children. Dream expert Delwyn Armstrong...
Not guilty: why mummy guilt is so destructive
Not guilty: why mummy guilt is so destructive
Why does motherhood so often come with a side-order of guilt? Hannah Davison talks practically about this...


Couple's retreat in Vanuatu
Couple's retreat in Vanuatu
A couple’s retreat may seem logistically impossible for new parents but is well worth the investment...
DIY: Decorative Orbs
DIY: Decorative Orbs
Thanks Julie Stuart from Clever Poppy for sharing how to make these gorgeous hanging paper orbs.
DIY inspiration for the nursery and beyond
DIY inspiration for the nursery and beyond
With the right inspiration and guidance, everyone can try their hand at DIY home décor.PHOTOGRAPHY: Julie Stuart,...




Did you keep your pregnancy test as a momento?

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Q:Night sleep help for 7 month old A:Thank you for your email.   At 7 months ideally he is having wake... Read more > Q:My 9 month old will not sleep through the night! A:Thanks for your enquiry about helping your baby sleep through the... Read more > Ask a question Browse answers
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