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Tantrum taming tips
Alexia Santamaria spoke to human behavioural specialist and author Dr John Demartini about toddlers and their...

Taming toddler tantrums
Kicking and screaming, wailing and whining, foot stamping, floor pounding, arm flapping... No, it's not performance art, it's...

Toddler tantrums
It's like a nightmare - you wake up one morning to discover that your beautiful, angelic little baby has overnight become a...

Pregnancy & Baby

Will you be getting a Push Present?
Expectant fathers, listen up: push presents are the all-American rage. We’ve adopted Valentines and Halloween, so why not...

Hold your baby before it's born: 3-D foetus models
Forget grainy black and white ultrasounds; the newest way to see your unborn baby is a 3-D 'doll' of your foetus.Would you...

The life changing power of touch
Parents have long known that a cuddle can cure a multitude of ills. Research now proves just how powerful touch is in a...

Top 40 Maori baby names
Topping the list of the most popular Māori baby names in 2015 were Maia for girls and Nikau for boys, according to Te Tari...
Everything you need for your pregnancy toolkit
Everything you need for your pregnancy toolkit
Here is your guide to looking good, being healthy and feeling happy in the months leading up to...

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mummy bloggers
The mighty 2 week wait
Lol I am crazy lady and I need company! Hcgs are great but stressful too though in saying that I am...
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Easy does it: managing pain after childbirth
Easy does it: managing pain after childbirth
After your baby is born a few aches and pains can arise while adapting to parenthood. It can take your body a while...
Two's company: job sharing
Two's company: job sharing
“Flexible work” has become a real buzz term over the last few years as more employers see the benefits of offering...


Books for kids (4 and up)
Books for kids (4 and up)
Preschoolers are starting to appreciate the story as well as the pictures and some of these stories,...
Waitangi Day
Waitangi Day
Kia ora New Zealand, February 6 is the day we celebrate our heritage and the signing of the Treaty...
Beach trip survival guide
Beach trip survival guide
Beaches make the perfect summer treat – but taking home half a car-load of sand when you leave? Not something to...
Cool ideas for hot days
Cool ideas for hot days
Summer Lovin'Try our cool ideas for hot days and make the most of the Kiwi summer Bubble, bubble, pop! Take a sunny...




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Q:My 9 month old will not sleep through the night! A:Thanks for your enquiry about helping your baby sleep through the... Read more > Q:10 weeks old and short day sleeps. A:Thanks for your enquiry about helping your newborn sleep better during... Read more > Ask a question Browse answers
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