Motherhood and women's interests

"Becoming a mother changes your life." All mums know the truth of that statement, but it usually doesn't sink in until a couple of weeks after you get home from hospital. The flowers are dead, the visitors have stopped showing up unexpectedly, your partner has gone back to work, and you're left alone all day with a baby -- and no how-to manual! Here are some of our favourite books on Motherhood to inspire you, assist you, amuse you, and generally remind you that you're not alone (even at 3am!). We've also included some relevant titles on women's interests and wellbeing to remind you to make sure to focus on your own needs as well. Click on the cover images or book titles below to read their reviews.


Well-Being: An Essential Guide to Vibrant Good Health for Women, by Lynda Wharton (HarperCollins, $39.99)

Becoming a Mother, by Kate Mosse (Hachette, $32.99)

This book is out for review -- check back soon!

Eco Chic: The Savvy Shopper's Guide to Ethical Fashion, by Matilda Lee (Gaia Thinking/Hachette, $29.99)

Living Beauty

Bobbi Brown Living Beauty, by Bobbi Brown with Marie Clare Katigbak-Sillick (Headline, $55)



My First Five Years: A Record of Early Childhood, by Anne Geddes (Hachette, $39.99)

48 hour day cover.jpg
The 48-Hour Day: Working Mothers Tell It Like It Is, by Sarah Boyd(Random House, $19.99)
















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