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Antenatal Basics
New Zealand's maternity care system offers a wide variety of care options, and it is up to you to decide which type of care...
Antenatal Screening Tests
First Trimester Biochemical Testing This is a...
Antenatal Diagnostic Tests
One of these tests are usually offered and...


Health and Wellbeing
Dealing with back pain in pregnancy
Pregnancy often brings with it a whole range of new niggles, aches and pains. Your ankles swell, your feet are sore, you've...
Pregnancy warning signs
The way a woman’s body transforms and adapts to...
Stretch marks
Stretch Marks = Love marks! Stretch marks are the...


Labour and Birth
What you can expect after a c-section
The average hospital stay after a C-section is three days. During this time the team of midwives and doctors will visit...
What to expect during a c-section
The maternity team attending a C-section birth...
C-sections: the facts
Birth is a big topic and Caesarean sections are an...

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