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Antenatal Basics
New Zealand's maternity care system offers a wide variety of care options, and it is up to you to decide which type of care...
Antenatal Screening Tests
First Trimester Biochemical Testing This is a...
Antenatal Diagnostic Tests
One of these tests are usually offered and...


Health and Wellbeing
From breastfeeds to bounce: expert tips on looking after your bust
Breasts are the unsung heroes of motherhood but often soldier on without the support they need. Renée Vincent explains why...
Making the most of the first 1000 days. Part One: Pregnancy
This is the first in our series of four articles,...
Under pressure: pre-eclampsia signs and treatment
From headaches to swelling, to ‘silent’ symptoms,...


Labour and Birth
Labour of love: what is labour REALLY like?
You’re in labour!' It's a loaded statement, but what does it actually mean, and what can you expect? Midwife Abbe Cherry...
When push comes to shove: dads in the delivery room
The reality of labour and birth can be a bit of an...
My lotus birth
Can you imagine carrying around your placenta...

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