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Antenatal Basics
New Zealand's maternity care system offers a wide variety of care options, and it is up to you to decide which type of care...
Antenatal Screening Tests
First Trimester Biochemical Testing This is a...
Antenatal Diagnostic Tests
One of these tests are usually offered and...


Health and Wellbeing
How osteopathy can help you
The benefits of osteopathy for pre-conception and pregnancy are not widely known. Osteopath Sarah-Jane Attias, newest recruit...
Why is my baby not growing?
About 10% of pregnant women hear the chilling news...


Labour and Birth
Past your due date? Ideas for bringing on baby
It’s no picnic being full term, and going past your due date gives a whole new meaning to the word patience. The good news is...
What you should know about episiotomies
What is an episiotomy? This is a surgical cut or...
Before the cut
Is an episiotomy preferable to tearing 'down...

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