Week 39

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By this time you may feel really tired. Don't drive yourself too hard. You probably wont want to be out and about too much so relax at home with your feet up. Try not to strain your body. You will probably want to get as many sleep-ins as you can now because all that will change . . .

Your little one is almost full-term! He weighs about 3.25kg and his total length is close to 49cm. All of his organ systems are developed and in place.

Your baby's intestine will be filled with a dark greenish substance called meconium. This will be your baby's first motion, passed sometime in the first two days of baby's life! Sometimes it can be passed at labour, so don't be shocked if you see it. If your waters break and they are a green or black color, contact your LMC immediately as this can be a sign of fetal distress.
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