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Your Newborn



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Breastfeeding facts

Breastfeeding plays an important part in the health and wellbeing of babies, mothers and whanau/families. Breastfeeding …

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Surviving night time feeds

Surviving your baby’s night time feeding regime is a major feat of endurance for which you need all the help you can get. …

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Early taste buds

If you have a fussy eater, or have been on a crusade to change  your eating habits, read on. Nutritionist Leanne Cooper  …

What to Buy

Health and wellbeing

Weeks 1-12 Newborn Guide

4 - 12 month baby guide

Growth and Development

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Gift of the gab

It may sound like babble, but as Alice Cranfield writes, you can have a big role in helping your child get from “goo-goo” to …

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Why is my baby crying?

Crying is one way in which your baby will communicate with you. Unfortunately, crying can mean many different things, such …

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Crawling and Walking

Crawling Are you wondering when your baby is finally going to start crawling? They may have been rolling around the room for …



Cloth nappies

Don't know where to start with modern cloth nappies (MCNs)? Self-confessed nappy-addict Emma Fahy answers all your …

Out and about

Car Seats - the low down


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Babywearing Safety

"CARRY" Rule of Hand To make safe Babywearing practices easy to remember, we have developed the 'Rule of Hand'. Each finger …

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Best things about babywearing

Science proves wearing your baby is more than just clever accessorising. As Sarah Tennant writes, it’s a convenient way to …

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The reality of babywearing

Convenient, comfortable and close to your heart - babywearing has many benefits. Three families share their experiences of …

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Baby Wearing Benefits

Finland-based Kiwi mum-of-two Liisa Hattinen shares her experiences with the benefits of babywearing. The benefits of …


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Wanted: Clothing for newborn babes

The charity started by mum Laura Howard to help needy families giving birth at Middlemore Hospital is going from strength to strength. It's been renamed Littlemore and has a new Facebook page LittlemoreNZ.  Donations of pre-loved baby clothing can …

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What do babies need in their bathwater?

Skin care for the little ones is big business and not short of a controversy or two. We open a few bottles and question what babies really need in their bath water. BEYOND BATH TIME There’s nothing quite as relaxing at the end of a long day as …

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Tips for introducing your baby to your dog

Bringing home a new baby is an emotional time – for every member of the household. This life-changing event doesn't just affect human family members, but four-legged ones too. It's essential therefore that you have some sensible precautions and …

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The power of giving: Mental Health Awareness Week

Approximately one in seven new mothers in New Zealand experience postnatal depression. It can affect women who have never experienced mental distress before, as well as their partners. It carries an undeserved stigma that can harm the mother’s …

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Five ways a baby will change your life for good

Becoming a parent is life-changing. Pippa Henderson takes a look at some of the changes you’ll face, and demonstrates that a new baby doesn’t mean the end of your story so far, just a twist in the plot. You’ll love like you never thought …

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Baby keepsakes: what's really worth keeping?

When it comes to baby keepsakes, how do you decide what to save and what to scrap? Christine Stride applies a useful theory to her drawerful of memories. When I stumbled across my eldest daughter’s first lost tooth that I'd tucked away for …

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10 tips for a happy baby

Blogger and early childhood adviser Kirsty Foster shares her top tips for happy babies. 1. Use care moments to have quality time with baby. When you are feeding baby, gaze into his eyes and share a tender moment. When you change his nappy, talk to …

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What I'm thinking while my baby is crying

When baby cries, our reactions can run the full gamut; from turning to stone, to melting "like a soft cheese on a warm day", writes Philippa Wintle. A woman once took me aside in the supermarket, and told me that "you get used to the sound of your …