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Contemplating cloth nappies?

Kahu de Beer explores the benefits of re-usable nappies and discovers they’ve come a long way! Mums have been using cloth …

Growth and Development

Baby Names

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Top Māori baby names in 2020

Check out the top 20 Māori names in New Zealand in 2020 for both kōtiro (girls) and Tama (boys) below. If you want to pay …

Car Seats - the low down

What to Buy



Out and about

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Taking baby on an outing

As a new parent, the idea of leaving home, baby in tow, can be incredibly intimidating. What do you really need to pack in …


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Expecting twins? Read this!

How to prepare emotionally and physically for twins: Two mums, Louise Ryan and Katrina Bowman have done the research and …

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Twins - Twice the fun

In terms of big news, finding out you’re expecting twins would be right up there. Three families describe that moment and …

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Tom & Caio

Breaking news Finding out we were having twins was a total shock. To be honest, I wasn't too happy about it when I first …

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Zachary and Nathan

The big reveal We first found out we were having twins at an early scan at seven weeks. We were very excited –I burst into …

Weeks 1-12 Newborn Guide

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Baby guide week nine

Week Nine Your baby is now nine weeks old! YOUR BABY'S DEVELOPMENT - VOCALISATION Your baby is developing social skills …

4 - 12 month baby guide

Health and wellbeing

Your Newborn


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Tips for breastfeeding

It's often said that breastfeeding is much easier than formula-feeding - no equipment to sterilise, no rocking a screaming …


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What I'm thinking while my baby is crying

When baby cries, our reactions can run the full gamut; from turning to stone, to melting "like a soft cheese on a warm day", writes Philippa Wintle. A woman once took me aside in the supermarket, and told me that "you get used to the sound of your …

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Our first baby was stillborn but he's still our firstborn

Two brave young parents defy the cultural norms of their day and openly acknowledge their stillborn son, writes David Hill. I'm going to call them Graeme and Bev. I'm not using their real names, because....well, I hope you'll understand if you read …

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Baby keepsakes: what's really worth keeping?

When it comes to baby keepsakes, how do you decide what to save and what to scrap? Christine Stride applies a useful theory to her drawerful of memories. When I stumbled across my eldest daughter’s first lost tooth that I'd tucked away for …

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