Healthy kids, active kids

There has recently been a lot of media attention focused on the 'obesity epidemic' and the importance of teaching children about making healthy lifestyle choices from an early age. Eating the right foods is important, but so is keeping fit and active. We asked our OHbaby! members how they get their toddlers up and moving, here are some of their suggestions:


"Kite flying is great!"


"My daughter does Pilates with me, it's hilarious!"


"We do a lot of singing and dancing around together, it's a great way to stop them from niggling and moaning, and it gets me off my butt too!"


"We chase each other round the back yard!"


"I take my kids to gym classes once a week."


"We put on really loud music and dance around the house."


"We love swimming at the moment, especially when the weather is hot."


"I take her out for walks in the pram, OK so that is more exercise for me, but we often walk to a park or playground where she can have a play and a run around too."


"We go for a walk to the park most days if the weather is nice."


"My kids love helping daddy in the garden."


"Running round under the sprinklers in the back yard!"


"We play chase, my son loves it! I hold the baby under one arm like an aeroplane and we chase him around the house, it's great fun!"


"The boys love wrestling on the grass or the carpet, does that count?!"


"We have discos: I put on some of my music and we all dance around."


"We go swimming together as a family."


"My partner takes our son out to a pram walking group once a week."


"Swimming and walking are our biggies, my one-year old will walk up to the pram and climb in it to tell me he wants to go for a walk!"


"We dance too, my older girls are in the process of teaching my son to do the twist, it's a crack up!"


"We walk everywhere: to the park, the vege shop, the supermarket, to take the older kids to school… the poor car hardly ever gets used!"


"Chasing games! My son loves me to chase him round the big tree in front of our house."


"We play at the park as often as we can, and she does gym classes once a week"


"My daughter loves her Kiddie Yoga DVD, and so do I!"




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