Rock that beach bump! Five tips for buying maternity swimsuits

For all the new and expecting mums out there, a celebration is in order! And what better way to celebrate than by hitting up your favourite beach or poolside venue? For once in your life, this is a time where you don't have to hold in your tummy while wearing a swimsuit - it's supposed to be out there! 😉  Don't let your preggo or post-preggo body interfere with your fun, as there are a wide variety of swimsuit styles that are made to fit and flatter your new figure. Before you go purchase a new swimsuit, check out these tips and tricks.

When you're pregnant, there's no hiding that growing baby bump, so you must learn to embrace it! Luckily there are a variety of swimsuit styles made for different tastes and comfort levels. 

Here are some tips for choosing the most flattering swimsuit for your body.

1. Start your hunt early.
Buying towards the end of your first trimester gives you time to wear your swimsuit a few times and get used to the idea of showing off your fab new shape.  If you're past your first tri-mester that's fine! It's never too late.

2. Buy for Comfort
Stick to the style that you feel comfortable with.  If you have always worn a full swimsuit then that is what you will feel comfortable in now. If you're all about comfort and want a swimsuit that is loose-fitting, look for blouson one-pieces, or tankinis with an a-line tankini top and adjustable foldover bottom. But for those who prefer to show off their baby bump, there's no shortage of form-fitting swimsuits! Think one-pieces with deep plunging necklines or classic tankinis in fun prints and patterns. And for the bolder of the bunch, you can even rock a bikini! Try supportive halter tops, skirted bottoms and underwire bandeau tops. Whatever swimsuit style you choose, look for something that speaks to your style and personality.

If you're a new mum and haven't had time to get back into tip top shape, you can still rock swimsuits and look fab! If you're a one-piece swimsuit devotee, look for those with ruching or shirred fabric-these details in the fabric have a slimming effect. Similarly, any swimsuit with body control will help flatten your torso.  For those who prefer more daring and fashion-forward styles, go for high-waist bikinis or one-piece monokinis with side cutouts. Get ready to show off that post-baby bod!

3. Stretch and Grow
Look for nylon-Lycra fabric that will stretch as you grow. You may have grown a cup size or two so be sure if you're buying online to buy with your new bra size in mind. Choose a bikini bottom that is cut higher in the back and below your belly at the front, this compliments the angle of your waistline.

4. Kaftan magic
If you're keen on a bikini but still not sure about showing off your bump, wear a light cotton shirt or kaftan over top, they're cute and look great on. 

5. Try before you buy
Finally, I'll leave you with one last tip. Always try your swimsuit on to make sure it fits and flatters! If you're shopping online, make sure the online retailer has a good return/exchange policy in case it doesn't fit. 

Now go rock your bump this summer beautiful mama! 😉




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