CRAFT: How to make a teddy bear

In this extract from Star Boy & Friends, by Vasanti Unka (Penguin $25), we'll show you how to make a cuddly soft friend out of two argyle socks.  

You will need:
2 socks (argyle is best)
🐻 3 buttons
🐻 Thread
🐻 Stuffing

How to make
1. Cut socks according to the pattern (shown below).
2. Turn sock 1 inside out. Back-stitch up leg 1 and down leg 2.
3. Turn sock 1 right-side out. Fill the body and the legs with stuffing.
4. Turn the arms inside out. Back-stitch along the long edge. Turn right-side out. Stuff each arm, then fold the raw edge to the inside and pin together.
5. Whip-stitch the arms onto the body at the sides.
6. Turn ear-piece 1 inside out. Fold. Back-stitch along the raw edges. Repeat with ear 2.
7. Turn the ears right-side out. Pin the ears to the head piece. Whip-stitch onto the back of the head.
8. Fill the head with stuffing. Stitch the eyes and nose into place. Stitch three small stitches for the mouth.
9. Sew long, straight stitches around the neck. Pull the ends of the thread and tie together.
10. Stuff the head into the body. Pin the head to the body around the neck. Stitch a long, straight line around grizzly bear's neck. Leave the thread ends long enough to tie a bow.
11. Pull on both thread ends and tighten. Tie the thread ends into a bow.

Download the pattern below as a pdf to print.

Vasanti Unka is a graphic designer and illustrator who works from her home office. She enjoys every aspect of design, but has a definite bias towards book publishing. Vasanti finds great joy in continuously finding new ways of expression within the constraints of the book format through illustration and design. As a New Zealand-born Indian, she has a particular penchant for combining bright colours. Visit to learn more about Vasanti and her creations.

This extract is from Star Boy & Friends: How to Make Cool Stuff from Socks and Gloves, copyright © 2010, published by Penguin Group (NZ), RRP$25. Available at all good booksellers nationwide.

OHbaby! wishes to thank Liz West and Lyn Olds from Penguin NZ for their kind assistance in arranging this excerpt.



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