A great app to record your child's art

Children’s artwork: Beautiful projects are fun to admire, display, and share. That is, until the next piece of art is created, knocking the previous masterpieces off the fridge or bulletin board. Before long, we are faced with a conundrum: throw away our child’s art? Or store it in the basement or attic in hopes of someday creating a scrapbook showcasing each piece.


Artkive (, is a clutter-free way to save and enjoy your child’s artwork. Artkive is a mobile app that only takes seconds to chronologically store children’s artwork in just three easy steps:


  1. 1.     Each time your child creates a piece of art, just open the app, take a picture of the artwork, and select which child created it.
  2. 2.     The Artkive app automatically tags that image with the child’s grade and the date created. If you want, you can add a title and/or description.
  3. 3.     Choose who in your “Share Circle” to share the art with and/or just Artkive it – meaning it’s now safely stored in our cloud.   You’re now on your way towards building a portfolio of art you’ll be able to soon turn into a book or other products.


Seasoned entrepreneur Jedd Gold developed Artkive in order to solve a problem faced by nearly every parent with young kids – what to do with the mountains of art projects piling up at home?

“My daughters were the inspiration for Artkive – there was a never-ending amount of artwork they’d create and we’d feel guilty about throwing it away,” said Gold. “The art we did keep, was sitting in a box in the garage, never to be seen again.  With Artkive, we get rid of the clutter.  Having it all turned into a book means we can now appreciate and remember their work – and they are so proud to see their art in print.”

Artkive is a dedicated app for storing unlimited images of your child’s work, so each piece isn’t mixed in with hundreds of other photos taken on your phone. A “plaque” featured at the bottom of each image shows which child created the artwork, their grade level, the date created and a title - just like you’d see  in a gallery. Artkive will soon offer the option to turn these photos into a book or other fun items, all with the click of a button.

And it’s not just for parents.  “Artkive can also be used by anyone that wants to save art – grandparents, friends, aunts, uncles, even kids who know how to use a basic app,” adds Gold.  

Artkive is currently available in the iTunes store for iPhones and for all Android phones.