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Make your pony party a galloping success
Personalise the party theme and you’re in for a galloping success. One-year-old Nellie Salemme is a happy, very independent g…

Christmas cookies in a jar with Chloe
We loved having a 3 year old guest joining us in the office to help create our Cookies in a jar gift!      If you'd like to …

The best birthday cakes in the land
In many a family, the build-up to birthdays involves hours spent studying cake books, in sweet anticipation of what lavish de…

Keep baby safe in the sun
Babies and small children have tender, delicate skin, and can burn easily in New Zealand's summer sunshine. Even if you're on…

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Birth: from baby's perspective
With thoughtful research, an active imagination and well-earned poetic licence, Sarah Tennant presents a baby’s eye view of b…

Your top 10 pregnancy FAQs answered
Dr Nick Walker provides expert answers to his most frequently asked questions. Working as a Lead Maternity Carer (LMC), I’m f…

Baby health: symptoms you shouldn't ignore
Dr Anne Tait helps take the guesswork out of when to seek medical assistance, bringing parents one step closer to that all-im…

The incredible first 24 hours of baby's life
Midwife Abbe Cherry shares an overview of what to expect in the incredible first day in the life of your baby. The first 24 h…
Baby essentials you'll want to spend money on
Baby essentials you'll want to spend money on
There’s a lot of pressure to spend up large in anticipation of your impending arrival. nursery specialist Grace Nixon separat…

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5 pregnancy sleep issues and how to treat them
5 pregnancy sleep issues and how to treat them
Whether you have a full bladder, leg cramps or just that 'beached whale' feeling whenever you lie down, naturopath …


Eco-friendly Christmas advent calendars
Eco-friendly Christmas advent calendars
The leadup to Christmas just got more exciting! We've found some easy and eco-friendly advent calendars you can make, to help…
DIY: Christmas crackers
DIY: Christmas crackers
We love Christmas here at OHbaby! and one tradition that is loved but usually a bit of a disappointment, is what's inside our…
Christmas presents of love
Christmas presents of love
DR MATT SANDERS "Christmas is for kids" it is often said. I guess that idea comes from the enjoyment most parents …


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