The good oil

A few small drops may be all you need to re-energise your beauty routine.

A change of season often prompts a change in our skin, so with the onset of cooler days, let’s look at ways to keep the glow of summer lasting that little bit longer. A good facial oil may provide just the magic you’re looking for, preventing dehydration and helping keep the moisture in.

OHbaby! make-up artist Nessa Warne is a tried and true convert. “I love to prep my client’s skin with rosehip oil before I start a make-up,” she says. “A little goes a long way and it’s great for my 30+ clients who find they can get away with a little more of a dewy look that gives a more youthful appearance.”

Nessa also recommends using rosehip oil as a night cream, or by mixing a few drops into your existing overnight moisturiser. And if your foundation is a little thick or dries on your skin accentuating wrinkles, try adding a couple of drops of oil in a dish and using it to dilute your foundation a touch.

You can even use a gentle oil as a make-up remover as the oil emulsifies to break-down the hard-to-remove make-up, even waterproof mascara.

And Nessa has another secret to share: “Sometimes I dab a little oil on my fingertips and pop some on over my makeup as a highlighter on the brow bone, top of the cheek bones and cupid’s bow.” The key is not to over do it. As with many things in life less is more.

See six of the best facial oils...

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Bio-Oil (60ml)
RRP$20.45, from pharmacies, Farmers and supermarkets
It’s very likely you have a bottle of Bio-Oil floating around for use on your stretchmarks or possibly scars. If so, why not share the love by massaging a few drops on your face morning and night?



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