Helping kids understand bed-wetting

Bed-wetting is only considered a problem in children over six or seven years. Luckily, at this age most children are big enough to understand simple bed-wetting solutions. They may even surprise you by their ability to grasp what's going on and their enthusiasm to tackle the problem!

How they respond depends a lot on how you handle it. Getting angry, impatient or making a fuss may not only make things worse, but could also make your child feel sad and bad about themselves.

So tread carefully. Be kind, patient and understanding. Keep in mind that nocturnal enuresis happens by accident. And don't be shy either: talk it over like you would any other regular event.

A simple guide to getting your child to understand bed-wetting

  • Tell them it's not their fault. Describe the causes in language they can understand.
  • Talk about the solutions. Explaining the situations will help them understand that this problem can be fixed.
  • Get them involved. Ask them to help you change the sheets and put the washing into the machine. Keep it lighthearted and praise them for helping.
  • Don't make a big deal about it. Be calm and positive. Treat bed-wetting like any other normal part of growing up.
  • Discuss their rewards for achieving dry nights. These could be stars on a chart, a special treat, or an outing.
  • Never show disapproval, anger or frustration. Research shows that as many as 25% of parents punish a child or show disapproval because they wrongly believe the child is to blame.
  • Explain it's a common problem. Tell your child that lots of kids wet the bed at their age.  As many as one in five! Knowing they're not alone will help understand that it's nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Tell your child if you or your partner or other family member wet the bed. Bed-wetting often runs in families. You could even turn your embarrassing experiences into funny stories.
  • Ask if it's ok to share. Some children don't mind discussing bed-wetting with other kids or adults. Getting it out in the open helps them to understand bed-wetting is no big deal. Also, others might have some good tips or amusing bed-wetting stories to share!
  • Plan sleepovers. Bed-wetting shouldn't stop your child from having fun. Talk to your child about how you two can deal with bed-wetting and sleepovers. This may also include the use of DryNites Pyjama Pants.

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