Tips for decorating kids' bedrooms on a budget

A child’s bedroom is a perfect space to use a save and splurge approach to design and decorating. Deciding where to save and splurge can be a challenge, so we’ve come up with some inspiration and tips that won’t break the budget. 

So, how is your budget looking? It’s a great idea to sit down and have a good look at your finances. 

Nursery décor doesn’t have to cost a lot. In fact, it’s probably better to save now while baby is unaware of his or her surroundings, and spend more on your child’s subsequent room, when he or she will be more able to enjoy it.

Think outside the box when it comes to art. Art can be expensive so framing pieces that your child has created, a collage of photos or perhaps a favourite word or nickname in oversized letters.

Put a plan together and know what you need and want for the room before you go shopping. You might just find that perfect piece at a great price!  

Spend on things that have longevity, such as a quality chest of drawers, the bed, shelves or bedside table. If you have a particular piece of furniture in mind, wait for the end of season sales so you can snap up a bargain.

Save on features that can be easily replaced, or that you won’t need for long such as, toy boxes, and items that they will quickly outgrow like a bassinet or toddler bed and its bedding.

Keep it simple and add playful decadence. A neutral colour palette is the key to a great child’s room because you can subtly or dramatically change the room by adding cost-effective accessories like statement cushions, chairs or throws. 

Something new - not just pink and blue. Paint is your best friend – it’s cost-effective, has loads of impact and can be modified over time. Think outside the square and embrace some new not-so-predictable shades. A playful orange tone is a hit with both genders and very on-trend is monochrome - so black and white is great for both boys and girls. If you’re not sure about making such a bold statement, a feature wall is a great way to inject some colour into a room while still playing it safe. To do this, simply map out your artwork on the wall using a soft lead pencil and get ready to splash some colour.

Wall stickers. Create an artistic focal point in the nursery with wall stickers.  When they’ve served their purpose they can be removed easily and you won’t have to repaint the wall.

Upcycle. Markets and garage sales provide a day out for parents and children to explore charming pieces that can be brought back to life.

Frame it. Art can be found anywhere. Special wrapping paper, tea towels or big sister’s painting. Different sized frames will add texture and dimension to the room and inspire conversation.  

Future-proof their space and makes sure it can grows with them.  If you buy a throw for your cot linen, be sure it will match what you have in mind when they jump into their “big kid bed”. 

Budget Stretch. Make your budget go further by buying key pieces of furniture that are versatile. For example, many cot styles adapt into junior beds and the right chest of drawers can double as a change table.

Blackboards are a novel way kiddies can draw on the walls (without being told off!). Select one wall to feature (ideally opposite the bed) and cover. Such a dramatic injection will capture your little one’s personality – and art can be updated each day... All you need is the chalk!

You’ll probably change this room a few times as your child grows from nursery stage through to the teenage years, so have some fun with it!

Adapted from an OHbaby! article by interior designer Christie Blizzard, who specialises in creating stylish and functional spaces for kids. 




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