10 top tips for a great marriage

"Saying, 'I love you' never gets old." These are some of the words of advice on how to have a happy marriage from our friends of Facebook. We asked them for their top tips and, as ever, they came up with some great ideas:

1. I read recently that marital happiness drops by 67% after the birth of your first child! So my wisdom is hang in there when the kids are little because its worth it and for us things definitely improved once babies/toddlers stopped wearing us out!

2. Sometimes it's better to go to bed angry and sleep on it. That way you'll both be refreshed in the morning and possibly more willing to find a compromise rather than going to bed late and being grumpily tired both then and when you wake up. Agree on the resolving before festering though. 

3. Stand by him through thick and thin! Be strong for him. And sex!!

4. Be grateful for each other. Marriage is a gift and saying thank you and meaning it is one of the greatest love boosters ever. Every night before going to sleep, thank them, even for the little things.

5. When together, actually BE there.

6. Everyone needs to argue, it's healthy. And tell each other everything, talk everything out. And, of course, behave like children when you can! What keeps us sane is when we spend half an hour at night killing ourselves laughing at funny cats! 

7. Love each other and give give give not take take take.dont worry about money or silly things. 

8. Bite your tongue on your emotional response until logic has arrived to help out.

9. Learn to compromise. Sometimes you just have to meet in the middle. Saying " I love you" never gets old.

10. Always communicate honestly, openly and respectfully. Be quick to forgive...(still learning how to... tehehe).





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