3 Simple Projects For Sweet Dreams

Brighten up bedtime with these delightful projects from Joanna Gosling’s Home Made Simple For Kids.


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Hanging branch
Whenever we go out for a walk, the girls and I always come back with a haul of treasures – pine cones, shells, stones and sticks. Mostly the sticks are put on the fire, but occasionally we’ll find one that’s just too beautiful to destroy, so we have to keep it. This project offers a gorgeous way of breathing new life into an old, gnarled and stunning branch. You could hang this as a permanent fixture in a child’s room, or put one up as a party decoration.

you will need:
• Two hook eyes
• String
• Branch or stick
• Toy birds, butterflies, stars, dinosaurs, planes, pompoms or other decoration
• Garden wire, clear thread, wool, tape or Blu Tack

1 Fix the hook eyes into the ceiling to suspend the branch from, placing them about the length of the branch apart. Screwing into a ceiling may require a bit of trial and error, so I’m afraid this is the hardest part. Poke a bradawl into the spot at which you would like to fix a hook and make a small hole. Push the hook into it and screw it in. If you’re lucky, it will get a good fix. If not, try again in a different spot. The worst that can happen is that you will end with a series of small error holes that can quickly be fixed with a blob of filler and a brush of paint. If you’re not confident about the strength of your hooks, it’s probably a good idea to hang up a light branch!

2 Tie the end of one piece of string onto one end of the branch, knotting it tightly. Hold up the branch at the height at which you want your branch to be suspended. Thread the string through one of the ceiling hooks and secure. Repeat at the other end.

3 Now decorate the branch with hanging pompoms, flowers, birds, butterflies, velociraptors, stars, planets or anything else you like. Fix your decorations onto the branch with garden wire, tape or Blu Tack, or suspend them using clear thread or colourful wool. Fairy lights twisted around the branch also look stunning.

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Extract from Home Made Simple For Kids, by Joanna Gosling, Kyle Books, RRP $39.99



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