Top fashion tips for new mums

Everything changes when you are new mum. For many mums there's a quick realisation that the wardrobe that worked for your life pre-children is now completely unsuitable for life with a vomiting and demanding newborn!

Stylist extraordinaire Shona Wilson, who is part of the Westfield styling team, chatted to us about how new mums can be fashionable, practical and stylish. Shona says, "fashion may appear shallow to some but it can do wonders to create a look and feeling of confidence".

Here are a few of her secret weapons for new mums: 

Cover up

A throw over, hide-the-baby-stains piece of fashion that gets you out the door in five minutes flat is a lifesaver. Whether it’s a coat, blazer, kimono cover or parka, make sure it’s a statement piece. Look good, feel good!


Ditch the shapeless, droopy cardies. If you don’t have a waist, buy a garment that gives you one. A knit biker jacket or super stretchy cotton blazer is as comfortable as a cardie, but with added style.


When your wardrobe is restricted, it’s time to indulge in accessories. Baby-friendly stud earrings, short chain necklaces or soft summer scarves that bring some colour to your tired face are great finishing touches and are budget friendly.

Fuss-free fabrics

I am the queen of all things non-iron but comfort doesn’t mean sloppy. Modern fabrics can give tailored shapes while being machine washable.  Get the best of both worlds. A particular favourite is ‘liquid polyester’, far less prima donna than silk but hard to distinguish.

Flat shoes 

Need I say more?


Straight leg jeans are my number one choice for all body shapes. Create two parallel lines for endless looking legs, while hiding thighs or derriere with a floaty top. My other fave are harem pants. That gathered fabric at the waist actually hides hips and the loose fit is perfect for summer.


A wide summer scarf can become a sarong, a cover while breastfeeding and a mat to change baby on in the park. The perfect multi- tasker that adds texture and colour to a simple outfit.

Pencil skirts

Forget the office lady image, I mean the lovely soft stretchy cotton versions. Think classic navy and white stripes worn with an oversized white tee and slip on sneakers.  A pencil skirt hides thighs better than shorts!


Being a mum doesn’t mean resigning yourself to a life of bags with teddy bear logos. If you can stretch the budget, a lovely soft oversized leather bag will last the distance with the advantage of looking better as it ages. Deadly Ponies is on my wish list! Or a perfectly sized slouchy Country Road tote bag with its convenient cross body strap.


Treat yourself! Pretty lingerie makes a girl feel good. It may be hidden away but it’s a great mood booster…you are worth it! 

If you want some personalised fashion guidance, get in touch with Shona or any of the Westfield styists. It’a great treat for a stressed out mum this Christmas.




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