Choosing a Lead Maternity Carer

Your Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) is the person who will provide all of your antenatal care, and who is responsible for your health and the health of your baby during this time. It's really important to pick someone who you trust completely. We asked our OHbaby! message board community how they picked their LMC's and this is what they said:

"I rang my friend who was pregnant and asked her who she had, and went with her. I ended up having a great relationship and went on to have her the 2nd time as well."

"I went to my doctor and they gave me a list. I rang 5 before I got hold of one, went to meet with her and loved her so went with her, and am using her again this time too."

"I've twice been due between Christmas and New Years so had to go with who was available! My GP recommended a midwife but she was full, but she recommended another and that was who I ended up going with."

"I wish I'd have had the guts to meet a couple of midwives before deciding. My first midwife was nice, but she didn't click with me like my second."

"My aunt reccommended a group of independent midwives she'd used, and I went there! I went back to them again for #2, but had a different midwife as my first had retired. With #3, I had to use the community ones in our local area."

"My doctor just referred me to a midwife, he's been my doctor since I was four so he knew me inside out and recommended someone. I had shocking morning sickness and I went to see her and we just clicked."

"I went through the phone book and picked the first one that answered the phone. She was great!"

"The local midwives clinic did free pregnancy testing so I went there, and when the test was positive, I went with the midwife on duty. I was so lucky, she was brilliant, and ended up delivering all three of my girls."

"Family Planning recommended a midwife, so I guess it was word of mouth but one of the nurses there had actually had this midwife and said she was great. I raved about how great she was and my sister in law and a close friend both ended up using her as well on my recommendation."

"I was limited as there are only two midwives in my area, but I already knew I didn't like one of them as she had been my friend's midwife. So I went with the other one, and it seems that a lot of people that have used her have ended up going back to her again which was reassuring."

Second time round I didn't know anyone in the area so my GP recommended a midwife broker, who matches clients with a list of midwives that she represents, according to their specific requirements.
It worked out really well, my midwife was lovely and I'll definitely use her again if we go on to have a third!

"My first midwife was a friend of my mum's and also delivered by brother's girlfriend's baby, she was excellent."

"I chose the LMC that had the phone number that sounded closest too my house. Turns out she is one of the best and hailed by many."

"My GP referred me to the hospital midwives that run through National Womens."

"We shifted districts half way through my pregnancy and I was so lucky to find someone who could take me on. She was recommended by another OHbaby! message board mum and was fantastic."

"My baby was due at Christmas so I went with the first available after ringing about ten different midwives. When we met, I just clicked with her, I think it helped that she is a younger midwife. I'm having her again for this pregnancy."

"My first was a hospital one, she was OK, but we never really clicked. Then we moved at the last minute so I had a look online, picked two out of the yellow pages, rang the bottom one and she could take me. We got on so well I even invited her to our wedding, and she convinced me to have a home birth with my second. I guess for me it's not about the questions I ask them but more about how comfortable they make me feel."

"I made my sister ring around and then took the only one who was available. Luckily it worked out and I had her again second time around."

"There didn't seem to be any near where I live, so I surreptitiously asked two pregnant friends what they were doing. One was going with a collective of midwives based out of the hospital, and I discussed it with my GP and he agreed it sounded like a good idea. I'm thrilled that I've actually had a midwife assigned to me rather than getting a different one every time."

"The first one I really wanted was all booked up, so I called the closest group of midwives and just clicked with two of them. The thing Iooked for first was personality, and can I trust this person with my child's life? I was told by a lot of people that I left it really late to find a midwife (10 weeks), but I didn't realise there was such a shortage!"

"I wish I had been more in-depth with interviewing mine, she didn't give me what I wanted or needed. Next time round I will be asking more questions, and stating what I want, and if I don't feel happy then I'll look for someone else."

"Word of mouth both times! Worked well for me!"

"The advice of others has been my biggest influence. With the lady I'm with I didnt ask her any questions really, I just trusted what my partner's SIL told me about her, and my first instinct when meeting her was that I like her and trust her so I'm happy with my choice."





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