10 things to keep in your car

Keep the kids clean, dry and comfortable this summer with our car necessities list!

1. Plastic bags.

Smelly nappies, wet clothes or food scraps - the plastic bag has a million and one uses.
Tie spare bags in a knot to minimise their suffocation risk.

2. First aid kit

An accident when you’re out can ruin your plans, so keep a first aid kit in your car and don’t forget to replenish the plasters.

3. Sunscreen  

Even if you apply before leaving the house chances are you will need to reapply it when you are out.

4. Hats

Hats go missing like socks so it’s good to have a spare one in the car just in case.

5. A towel

Cleaning up spills, drying off after being caught in the rain or wiping a wet slide at the playground, a towel will always come in handy.

6. A spare set of clothes

A spare set of clothes saves a few tantrums if you can keep your kids warm and dry. Even the child who has been toilet trained for years can still have an accident.

7. Nappies

Sometimes we learn this one the hard way!

8. Wipes

Where would be without the trusty wet wipe? Sticky hands, stain removal and yucky messes on car seats, it tackles them all.

9. Picnic blanket

Great for an impromptu picnic, a comfy place for mum and dad to sit while they watch the kids play, or for keeping kids warm and cosy in the back seat if you're traveling in the evening.

10. Children’s toys in an ice cream container

Fill a zip-lock bag with some small, interesting toys that will keep kids entertained if a journey is taking longer than planned. This secret surprise stash could be hidden in an ice cream container under the driver's seat. An ice cream container should actually be top of this list - you never know when you may need one for car sickness and if you do need one - you'll need it fast.
Also, it's a good idea to throw a Frisbee, soccer ball or bucket and spade in the boot for that spontaneous trip to the beach.

Keep your car essentials in a big plastic container with a lid. This will prevent all your emergency supplies rolling around in the boot and it can also double as a bucket for the beach.

Also, bonus points for loading some children’s music onto your ipod or having a children's CD in the car. Music will calm down the most fussy of children.




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