Nine things to throw out today... starting in the kitchen

Kitchens are a great place to start for de-cluttering — and you'll feel SO much better by the end of it.

  1. Old containers: Be they old takeaway containers or “useful” pottles and jars, bring them all out from the back of cupboard and see how many you have. Then throw out at least half of them.

  2. Old appliances that don’t work: Put them all on the floor and divide into those that are worth fixing (or can be fixed) and those that aren’t. Take the no-good appliances to your nearest appliance recycler/inorganic collection point.

  3. Knives: Most people need only five or six good knives for everyday use. Sort yours out, dumping the not-so-good ones at your nearest charity shop and investing in a sharpener for the rest.

  4. Plastic bags: Unless you use recyclable shopping bags you’re likely to have quite a few of those. Take them to charity shops or childcare centres where they’re always in demand.

  5. Mugs and cups: If you take into account all those oddball gift mugs you’ve received you probably have an over-supply. In reality, most people need no more than 10. With the others, add them to the op shop pile or at least put them up in a high cupboard out of the way.

  6. Expired food: Check the herbs and spice shelf for ingredients that are so old they’re not worth adding to any dish. Also, dig into the back of the pantry for tinned food that may have expired, and don’t forget the fridge and freezer. Frozen food doesn’t last forever, particularly if it’s leftovers or fish where three months is the maximum duration in the freezer.

  7. Odds and ends: Many people have an odds and ends drawer which is fine for throwing in those things you can’t find a home for. However, it’s not so easy to find things when there’s too much in that drawer. Try to halve the contents. Failing that, try to compartmentalise by putting similar objects in trays or tying them up with rubber bands.

  8. Chipped or cracked crockery: These can be a trap for nasties and deserve to be biffed.

  9. Double-up implements: There are certain items in the kitchen which don’t require a back-up. These include potato mashers, soup ladles, gravy boats and flour sifters. If you have more than one of these it’s time to share with someone else. 



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