OHbaby's gadget of the week

We love gadgets at OHbaby! especially when they make our life easier.  Here's our pick of the best parenting technology.

We love this little German invention, it’s a Paul and Stella self-warming baby bottle that you can take anywhere. By clicking a button on the bottom the bottle it will heat up the water ready for you to add formula or heat up your breastmilk. It has a handy thermometer so you can accurately read the temperature and will keep the bottle warm for up to an hour. 

And best of all it doesn't need electricity or batteries, perfect for the mum on the move

Available from


Test -kit

If you’ve had a glass of wine of two after a busy day it’s always a worry about how that alcohol will affect your breast milk. As everyone metabolises alcohol differently it has always been a bit of guess work. Now the with the Milkscreen testing kit you can get an answer in a few minutes.

The testing strips will tell you if your milk is safe for baby with a clear positive or negative rating. A great idea to put your mind at ease. 

Each pack has 8 strips and is available at breastmates


Belkin -rockstar

If you're tired of your kids squabbling over the earphones, the Belkin rockstar earphone jack is for you. It can connect up to five sets of headphones, making long car journeys a lot more harmonious and avoiding any unpleasant ear wax incidents. Ingenious.

Available nationwide

Withings -smart -baby -monitor



The Withings Smart Baby Monitor is most deluxe baby monitor we've ever seen. It connects to your IPhone, IPod touch, IPad or Android tablet and allows you to monitor your baby with a wide angle video night vision camera. It has a multicolor night light and it measures noise, motion, temperature and humidity. 

Using a free, private secure account you can view your baby from anywhere in the world, it gives you a little bit more piece of mind when you're away from that precious bundle.


Belkin -chef -stand -ohbaby

The Belkin chef stand makes cooking from your ipad a breeze. The stand will keep your ipad propped up on your kitchen counter and out of the way of messy spills, it has a non-slip mat so it won't slip around on your kitchen top and it's stylish chrome finish has won us over.

Available here

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