Finding out baby's gender

To find out or not to find out?

When our mothers were having babies the only way to find out the gender of your baby was to give birth to it, but with advances in ultrasound technology it's now possible to determine the gender of your unborn child as early as fifteen weeks gestation. But the big question is, just because you CAN, does that mean you SHOULD?

Both sides have their advantages. Finding out early means you can buy pink or blue clothes, and plan the nursery accordingly, and it makes choosing a name easier. But not finding out gives the baby an air of mystery, and adds more excitement to the impending birth, plus you can buy plenty of gorgeous baby clothes and linen in neutral colors such as white, cream, butter and mint.

There's been a lot of talk in the pregnancy section of our message boards lately on this very topic, here's what some of our members had to say:

"I don't think I could handle not knowing!"

"I'd rather know."

"It's such a nice surprise at the end. I didn't find out with my two but was sure I knew what they were and I was right both times."

"I would find out, but that's just my personal preference."

"My partner wanted to find out what we were having but he said since I didn't want to that we wouldn't. It is nice to have that surprise and, as my midwife says, it makes you push harder because you want to find out what it is!"


"I want to have the experience of a surprise. I don't reckon you gain much either way really, totally personal preference."

"I didn't find out and it drove me nuts! But when I have my next one, I'm still not sure if I want to know."

"Noooo don't!!! Those last few weeks are so exciting when you don't know. It's like being a kid at Christmas again! I didn't find out with the first two and won't with this one either."

"Nope, keep it a surprise!"

"I would have to know. Power to those of you with patience, 'cause I've got none!"

"I say don't find out. We didn't find out with our first and it was a lovely surprise, especially as I was expecting a girl - all first babies in our family are girls. My husband wanted to find out and I told him that as I was doing all the work it was my choice!!"

"I wish I hadn't found out last time, and if I have another I definitely won't find out!"

"It'd be awesome not knowing 100% till he/she is here in person."

"You're never going to have another opportunity to have a surprise like this again, I say wait!"

"We found out both times, but it's personal choice."

"I didn't find out with my son so the surprise was lovely, although I always suspected he was a boy, but if we had another I think I'd find out, I'd have so much fun shopping!"

"I wanted to find out, my husband didn't, and in the end she made the choice for us by crossing her legs, but the surprise was lovely, I don't think we'll find out next time."

"We both wanted to know so that made it easier."

"I personally couldn't wait, I'm far too nosy!"

"I'd find out!"

"I knit, therefore I wanna know!"

"Personally I think the surprise is way more than it's worth, I'm far too impatient!"

"We didn't find out with our first and it was great to have that little extra incentive at the end of labour to find out what it was. This time we did find out though, and it has been great as well, being second time around."

"Stick to your guns! You push it out, you make the decisions!"

"Don't find out! I wanted to all the way through but my husband didn't. When I had to have an elective caesarian, the birth date wasn't going to be a surprise so I was glad that there was one unknown there."

"We're taking turns. I wanted to know but my husband didn't so we found out with our first at 20 weeks but next one we'll wait till it's here."

"Having a boy would be a change that can be prepared for over that period of time from finding out till when they are born. I'm going through all of my daughter's stuff and selling it to get boy stuff since our next one is a boy. It's easier and I'm glad I found out."





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