5 surprisingly positive things about having a credit card

Any parent will tell you there’s nothing that can prepare you for the changes that a baby will make on your lifestyle. Things change overnight: one evening you're heading to off to post-work celebrations, the next you're dashing out to the supermarket for more nappies and wipes; pre-baby, you may have perused several different shops for a selection of groceries, but post baby, your attitude may well be, 'if I can't get it at the supermarket, I don't need it'! The point is, your spending habits change dramatically when you become a parent, and paying with plastic can be incredibly useful, rewarding and even earn you a better credit score.

Lower interest rates - really?

Yes, lower interest rate credit cards do exist! If you have a purchase that you think will take time to pay it off, this could be the card for you. Having less interest to pay will allow you to pay off your balance easier and faster.


Credit cards with EMV technology store every transaction’s data separately, which makes it much harder to replicate than the old magnetic strip technology. Also, banks and the major credit card companies offer iron-clad consumer protection for transactions made on credit cards. This protection applies to all transactions (in-store, online, over the phone, etc). So if you think something suspicious has happened, call the credit card and you won’t be held accountable for fraudulent charges.

Earn rewards

Certain credit cards offer rewards such as airpoints, Fly Buys points or cash rewards. 

They’re useful

Having a credit card with you at all times can make a huge difference when you’re caught short. Almost everywhere will accept a credit card so you never need to miss a train, movie or a special deal on baby buggies again.

Reputation boosters

Using a credit card wisely, that is paying it off each month in full and not going over your limit, will build up a good credit history for you. That’s something that you will need when you apply for a loan for a new house, a new car, or renovations.



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