Sun hats

Here comes the sun!  Sun hats are a must in the summer so best to get the hat-wearing habit sorted early.

Choosing a hat
It can have as many bells and bows as your little one desires but remember to go for good coverage. The best sun hats come in three main styles: the wide-brimmed swagman hat, the bucket hat (brim should be at least 6cm wide) and the legionnaire hat, which is a cap with flaps covering the neck and ears.

Also, remember that dark fabrics give more protection than lighter colours and choose a close weave rather than something loosely woven.

Hat battles
Babies' skin is much thinner than adults' skin so is more at risk of sun damage yet so often a summer outing is spoiled by a determined little one refusing to wear his hat. If the hats are coming off in your house try our tips below:

  • Zero tolerance: Some parents firmly stick to the rule of no hat, no going outside. If the hat is off junior is straight back inside.
  • Monkey see, monkey do: Make sure you always wear a hat outside yourself.
  • Keep trying: It's hard work but if your child keeps taking his hat off, just keep putting it back on. And hopefully he'll get tired of the battle before you do.
  • Early training: If you have a baby under four months start training her into wearing a hat now - maybe for half an hour a day until she's used to wearing it.
  • Let your child choose his own hat at the start of the summer. One with his favourite cartoon character may encourage more wear.
  • Better yet, buy a plain hat and let him paint and decorate it himself.
  • Hang hats on hooks just beside the front door so they're easy to grab on the way out.


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