12 Tips to managing bed wetting

With time and patience, nearly all children eventually stop bedwetting. Check out our excellent bedwetting solutions. In the meantime, here are some great ideas for making life easier for all of you during this phase:


  • Think about how you should react and behave. Remember, nocturnal enuresis is no one's fault. Stay calm, positive and loving at all times, without making a big fuss
  • Getting your child to understand bedwetting helps alleviate anxiety and shame. Talk it over together like you would any other milestone, such as losing teeth or starting school
  • Protect your child's mattress with a waterproof cover
  • Place towels or other absorbent material between the waterproof cover and the bottom sheet
  • Purchase a waterproof pad to use in sleeping bags and at other people's places or hotels
  • Use a blanket that can go straight into the washing machine and dries quickly. For now, avoid a feather or wool blanket
  • Don't use an electric blanket as they're a pain to wash
  • Stash wipes, clean pyjamas, and sheets in your child's room so you can quickly change the bed and your child during the night
  • Got a trundle bed or spare bed? Then make it up (with a waterproof sheet) so you can pop your little one straight into it after an accident. This is great in winter when you don't want to be away from your nice warm beds for too long
    • Use DryNites Pyjama Pants until the problem is solved
    • Prepare for sleepovers to make sure your child has a fun and stress-free stay at friends' homes
    • Get your child involved. Ask them to help you change the sheets and load the washing machine. Praise them and thank them for helping.


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