The Guardian Angel App watching over you

New guardian angel App ‘Get Home Safe’ aims to save lives 

A new company that privately monitors users’ location during an activity or task and raises a pre-set alarm if they don’t ‘’Get Home Safe’ is being launched .Get Home Safe (GHS), believed to be the first App of its kind in Australasia, is the brainchild of Kiwi entrepreneur Boyd Peacock.
Launched in New Zealand in August, Get Home Safe received extensive international media attention and topped the country’s iPhone App download charts hitting the number one spot on its first day of release.
GHS is simple and easy to use and aimed at people from all walks of life undertaking everyday activities such as children walking home from school alone, women travelling home after a night out and people working unsupervised in remote areas or in the bush.
Once downloaded users register with GHS what they intend on doing, such as walking home after dark or going for a bike ride, and the time they will be ‘home safe’, for example  in 15 minutes.

GHS then acts as a ‘guardian angel’ safely recording GPS location data and check-in prompts to privately watch over the user’s movements throughout their chosen activity.

If something unforeseen happens and the user doesn’t stop or extend tracking as planned, an alarm is raised and the information GHS has safely recorded is sent to the person’s pre-selected personal emergency contacts.
As the alarm is sent from the GHS servers not the phone, users don’t need a working phone or coverage for the alarm to be raised, making it a vital safety tool if something unforeseen happens.
“GHS actually calls for help when you can’t, it’s truly amazing and really could save someone’s life,” said Mr Peacock.
“This App has been designed to be so simple, quick, private and free to use. People are using it as they go about their day-to-day business.” said Mr Peacock.
“If you have ever said “I’ll call you when I get there” or “I’ll let you know I’ve made it home”, then Get Home Safe is for you.”
“The App is only part of the Get Home Safe concept. What we have actually created is the automation of checking people are OK.  
“Even the best-made plans can encounter the unforeseen. Regular alarms prompt you to check-in, so if you ever did need help the alarm would be raised far quicker and your last location mapped by our servers,” he said.
“Who knows you’ve gone for that run or bike ride? Who knows you’re walking home late at night from the pub or bus stop, or that you’re driving the back road home this time?
Mr Peacock said the App would also provide the ultimate ‘peace of mind’ for families with teenagers doing after school or weekend activities, especially as so many youngsters now have phones.
“GHS is not your mother, your boss or big brother and it’s certainly not the police. GHS does not judge or ask probing questions”.  
“We have created the App so it can be used privately, making it perfect if you are self-conscious about sharing your plans or location, or even if you feel like a bit of a wimp for using a safety App, as long as you check-in on time, no one needs to know you are using it.”
The App was developed by Dunedin-based website and design companies Firebrand and Greengage for Mr Peacock’s company Get Home Safe Limited.
It is free to download from Apple’s App Store 
and Google Play Store

Within the App users can choose to buy pre-paid text messages for 20 cents each, with a minimum purchase of $US1.99 and use the text alert method. Unused text alerts are credited back to users if they check in on time and email alerts are free.

Users can opt to send their emergency contacts a pre-trip itinerary to allow them to follow the activity in real time or share ‘home safe’ summaries via email and social media.
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