Wanted: Clothing for newborn babes

The charity started by mum Laura Howard to help needy families giving birth at Middlemore Hospital is going from strength to strength. It's been renamed Littlemore and has a new Facebook page LittlemoreNZ

Donations of pre-loved baby clothing can be dropped off at Storage King Grey Lynn on alternate Saturday mornings. Laura then delivers it to Middlemore where the need is greatest. 

"I started this charity in mid-2013, after hearing a passing comment about newborns being sent home in baby-sized hospital gowns from Middlemore Hospital, because they had nothing else to wear," says Laura.

As well as pre-loved baby clothing, she collects  nursery furniture, sheets and blankets, toys, prams, accessories, disposable nappies, books – anything baby-related – and delivers them to Middlemore Hospital’s maternity ward. They are then given out by staff to families in need,  including Kiwis, Pacific Island families, new immigrants, refugees, single mums, and often those with little or no family support or income. 

"Each time I drop off a full carload, everything is given out within 48 hours to babies born into families in great need," she says.

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And the response from mums around Auckland has been so good, Laura's car is now packed to the hilt when she heads to Middlemore. But while she gets heaps of donations, there's still a need for more.

Baby gear can be dropped off at Storage King Grey Lynn, 300 Richmond Rd between 9-10am every Saturday. Please make sure items are freshly washed (as some of the families they go to do not have washing machines), bagged and labelled according to size/gender. 

If you’d like to donate go to Laura’s Facebook page for more details.

A maternity ward staff member at Middlemore Hospital has commented: "I wish you could be a little birdie on my shoulder when I hand the items to our families. The genuine appreciation and thanks — it is as if instantly this great big load has been lifted from their shoulders.”



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